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TNR - Achmed Valk, MFA

Committed to Excellence

For more than 30 years, I have been recognized as a top

Intuitive Counselor, Health Consultant, and Performing Arts Educator, Coach, and Producer. 

Most recently, I became an active participant in CrwdWorld as a Distributor/Reseller

mainly engaged in the Healthcare Exchange Marketplace.

I provide clients with a wide range of services that will help them

expand and thrive in Self-awareness by way of:

Human Design Analysis 

Tarot Mapping™ 

Cell and Organ Regeneration

Pilates Fitness and Rehabilitation (Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, floor

Ballet schedule: private & class formats advanced thru professional 

Dance Therapy (all levels) 

Therapeutic Bodywork

Hypnotic Regression & Jungian-based Dream Analysis

I am fully present and tuned into your individual needs: 

one on one at my fully equipped home studio or remotely online.

I know that life can get all too challenging at times, esp. during this current

period of intense paradigm shift.... 

From the start of your very first session, I will assist you 

in the process of easing unnecessary loads off your shoulders.



Quite simply, Achmed Valk is one of the best healing facilitators I've had the privilege of working with.
Barbara Marciniak, author of Bringers of the Dawn

My referral experience with Mr.Valk has been nothing short of miraculous. I have referred a number

of patients with soft tissue trauma and have gotten complete remissions of their musculo-skeletal

symptomatology. His skill level is such that I utilize his services for my own health.

Dr. James Hutton, NMD, Director of the Medical Healing Center of Sedona

Achmed is like a reality check of the inner workings of your spirit....a sort of tune-up, that serves

to guide your best  interests and most heartfelt intentions.  And in these accelerated times,

this fine tuning is essential to creating your part, your vision for a healed and New World. 

    Silvia Bianco, Gourmet Chef, Coach, and Author

Following a car accident, I received a series of transformational bodywork sessions from Achmed.

His wisdom, inner knowing, and a deep well of resources were expressed through his hands and touch with

creativity in designing a unique treatment plan that supported my needs. In my many years of experiencing

bodywork, Achmed's treatments have been the most thorough and deeply transformative.
Chiara Gasparro, Ed.D. Breath Specialist, Human Design Analyst & Teacher

One has only to attend one of Achmed's classes in yoga, dance, or creative movement, to realize his

unique ability to create a participatory learning experience, which evokes a maximum

effort and response from each and every student.  A class or individual session with Achmed is a

transformative experience.  Achmed has an unusual ability to combine his strength of character with a

deep empathy for his students and clients.  He creates an environment for positive change.

Elliott Maynard, Ph.D., President, Arcos Cielos Research Center, Sedona, AZ


I have had the good fortune of knowing Achmed for many years. He has read my tarot cards with an insight that

I have never experienced elsewhere. His accuracy and his ability to see the truth, make his readings exceptional.

His scientific knowledge of health and wellness,  his spiritual questing and life experience make him

a uniquely gifted being.
Robin Sheldon, Owner/Operator,  Artistry Agency, West Hollywood, CA

A rare combination of straight talking, no fluff spiritual information and beautiful body/nature awareness

is found in an experience with Achmed Valk.  He is one of those naturally honest people with an amazing

sense of integrity and boundless energy in the pursuit of truth. I can't recommend any work or anyone more!
Heidi Larson, Creative Director, Medical

Healing Center of Sedona

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     These healing rods including coaching sessions are custom-designed for you

     by special order.

     Please contact TNR for design options and pricing.

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         One-of-a-kind art designs by John Farris Visionary Arts

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If you would like to learn more about how my consulting services can help

you and your loved ones, please contact me via email or phone:

cell +1 (808) 990-4622

Together, we will focus on expanding your insight into Self and the world you inhabit,

resulting in a sustained sense of well-being and overall abundance.

Book an introductory session today

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From my heart to yours,

Achmed Valk, MFA

TNR Managing Agent 

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