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Moving into Inner Silence

Gammadian Freeman:

“The world you perceive is a figment of your own imagination. This world is an agreement as to a form in which to perceive it.

We consider things real when we share perceptions of them.

The world has been called illusory because it changes. Not only through time but through perceptual changes. There isn't a world out there per-se. It is a trick of perception to enable communication. There is a world of energy and then there is the multitude of perceptions of it. Not just among different kinds of beings but amongst human beings, who have different ideas, beliefs and intents. When seers speak of freedom, they mean perceptual fluidity.

Outer practice leads to inner practice which leads to seeing the world as it is and not just how we imagine it to be. Perception changes the world that we perceive. Consciously perceiving the world as we dream it gives rise to the world of our dreams.

The conscious mind may be brought to the brain to rewire it. Align with that which supports your dream. Acknowledge it and its attraction for you. Discover the gratification you feel for those times you feel nurtured and supported, those times when you are aligned with your nature and expressing it as you will.

The resonance of aspiration fulfils itself with attention. Let's Dream together with love. Dream a world beyond death, right here right now.”

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