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CRWDWorld 4th of July Celebration (7/10/22 update)

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Please Join In

By Valinda L. Wood. Blockchain is often considered complicated and unachievable by most folks like you and me; that only the smart ones and likely criminal understand it and use it. Reality is different. For too many decades we have had no choice, but to follow suit with regulations of the powerful pushing the small and medium entrepreneur out of business and neglecting the #humanidentity.
Blockchain is a new way of organizing data on the internet. Simple as that. A #blockchain may be configured to centralize the benefits of transactions or to share the accumulated value of the activities on the Blockchain Ecosystem 20 years ago, most of us did not understand the magic of the internet but we started using it and became familiar with it. Still, most of us don’t know what actually happen, but emails and notifications keep arriving in the inbox. We pay with a swipe on the phone, you can call your friend in Australia for free and we can live our lives on social media.
We only question how things work when we realize there is a price for the free call and the free services on the #digital platforms. For example when your private data is sold to 3.-parties or exposed in the public, though you were promised full privacy. And still we do not know how data is stored and managed and pushed around. Many don’t even care to know This goes for blockchain as well. Blockchain in its core structure is a new way of organizing data on the internet where the data is stored in distributed ledgers transparently shared in a #decentralized chain of interconnected blocks instead of in centralized data hubs. There is much more to learn about blockchain, and we will, as the benefits of the technology will be implemented in any aspect of our lives at a higher speed than the transition from mobile phone to smartphones. The powerful cryptocurrencies have proven that the key for a successful blockchain is to keep the identity private.
In the end however you will have to choose - not between internet or blockchain - but between centralized surveillance and financial control run on AI or an #immutable DEcentralized blockchain. Centralized digital currency or a sharing economy based on #decentralized ownership. A new free economic system is emerging based on tokenized transactions and exchange of real value and assets, backed by #preciousmetal and natural resources. A marketplace where you can buy real things you need with #tokens and #coins. An environment where protection of your identity and your value is our core business JOIN NOW and be part of the change the world is waiting for.
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What does CRWD stand for? Here's a simple explanation of CRWD World:

‘C’ rowdPoint is a digital platform technology company that ‘R’ ewards the Human Identity with dividends ‘W’ orld wide as a consumer, investor or member of a company leveraging ‘D’ istributed commerce and regional exchanges.
Crwdshop is a free, user-friendly,
Bl ockchain Application building platform for Web 3.0. To your customer, the crwdshop intuitive technology and powerful built-in features give our crwdmarket members the freedom to design professional Web 3.0 websites with ease that look amazing on any device. Crwdshop is more than a Web 3.0 website builder, it is a snap link technology that provides you with over 1.5 Billion customers on the Vogon Blockchain just for signing up.
Sean Brehm:
In short order, people are going to have to go back to school to remember what they forgot about the Buttonwood Agreement of 1792. They will want to know why the Wizard Oz was written and what the yellow brick road represented. What happened at Christmas under Woodrow Wilson? Here is a simple truth. Silver Backed Currencies worked in the past and they will work in the future. It is coming. The 4th of July is when we go back to what we learned in school. The greatness of the American Economy is when innovators and dreamers work together. Nexgen technology and #vogon decentralized #blockchain powered #CloudComputing is here and it's tied to real #regulated #Digital#assets
What is #decentralized #Commerce? There are 2 ways you can look at this: 1. What the “experts” theorize or 2. What we have built on #crwdworld Why do our customers like on our crwdmarket? Well let’s define it: Decentralized Commerce (DeCo) allows users to process transactions without any centralized control, which charges high fees and can also block the transactions. This is possible thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts. In simple terms we can leverage big data and AI to organize consumers into dynamic group purchasing organizations. We can drive those assemblies of consumers to S&P indexed markets. On that page products are listed and when you click on them to learn more, it sends the buyer directly to their own blockchain powered website. The Blockchain is a shared database that connects everyone to ensure payment distribution happens using a smart contract--Open Honest Stable Markets.
In practical terms: It’s a tangible way for businesses to understand what a semantic web (Web 3.0) is. It allows both the consumer and the micropreneur to define themselves. Spatially, it doesn’t matter where they are. Temporally, it’s faster to market through a decentralized prosperity platform like a Blockchain Ecosystem. Thematically, they understand 'Ecommerce.' Semantically, t allows them to define their engagement on Web 3.0 and bring their passion.

CrowdPoint's version of a#blockchainecosystemEcosystem is a new era in#finance. It provides new ways to distribute economic value. Our Blockchain Ecosystem is designed from the ground up to energize and unlock the shared ownership.

Crwdworld info links excerpts--summery
Download DOCX • 11.52MB

Our Blockchain Ecosystem is designed from the ground up to energize and unlock the shared ownership #economy2022 . Our Vogon Blockchain is the key to creating a less expensive digital platform that enables all its participants to extract more value from the platform. Our Blockchain Ecosystem is unique in how it empowers participants to share data and reimburse its owner. New digital asset classes on crwdworld promote incentivizing behaviors that benefit all members. Our #blockchainecosystem ownership and data sharing strategy creates long-term economic alignment. As the collective ownership of value grows, our members and other stakeholders will benefit from the shared financial upside. On #crwdworld we offer a significant reduction in risk: as users gain a greater financial stake in the success of the collective, they are less likely to engage in risky behavior that will result in loss.
- Our tokens are asset-backed - Our Coins are regulated - Our Ecosystem is asset and commodity-focused - Our Ecosystem solves the data-sharing problem BUSINESS ECOSYSTEMS HAVE RUN THEIR COURSE AT THE SAME TIME CRYPTO CURRENCIES IN THEIR CURRENT FORM NEED TO EVOLVE. While traditional digital business ecosystems like Amazon and Google extract the most value and keep it. Our Blockchain ecosystem shares it. It's a simple circular process, just like a natural ecosystem sustains life we sustain and build wealth: - Claim your identity. - Identify your likes and interests. - Get paid back for everything you buy in tokens that gain value while you are sleeping. - Use the profits to buy more products and services you like at a discount. Think of it as a massive wholesale retailer that is selling discounted goods through membership warehouses. They do it through distributed online marketplaces connected via a Blockchain. If you want to invest in the future, you can opt-in and allocate your savings and invest in a company to make more money. We provide more value to the consumer when they purchase on our Vogon Blockchain. Why because we give back through rebates generated through a massively distributed advertising model. We recycle these rebates to help the consumer become a better investor and we provide capital to companies that are crwdid members. We run all these transactions on our Vogon Blockchain. We take fees for every transaction on our Blockchain. Because this involves trillions of transactions we are able to charge a small fee. We are uniquely positioned because we are able to add value to the billions of data points on our opted-in members. The value we add is that we transform data into information and distribute it on our blockchain. We create actionable intelligence. Our approach allows for every participant to win.

JOIN NOW and be part of the change the world is waiting for.

What kind of roles will Banks play in a Blockchain Ecosystem? Blockchain is digital information that is stored in a public database. It traditionally is thought of in relation to cryptocurrencies, however, that is changing as the early use of blockchains is rapidly evolving into more efficient business models. However, a keen benefit for Banks is the blockchain provides added security for a variety of financial transactions. With blockchain, banks can store information about transactions such as the date, time, and dollar amount of a recent purchase. The blocks store information about the parties that are involved in a transaction as well. For example, a blockchain will record a transaction without any identifying information and will use a digital signature instead. The information stored through blockchain will also store information that distinguishes it from other data. It will store a unique code called a hash which enables it to classify each unit of information. For example, if you purchase the same product twice on a website, there will be different codes to classify each transaction. Most Blockchains can store up to 1 MB of data per block, however, next-generation blockchains will be able to store more by leveraging a relational data model. A single block can store up to a few thousand transactions. HOW BLOCKCHAIN IS CHANGING THE BANKING INDUSTRY

With blockchain, there have been considerable changes in the industry in recent years. Blockchain allows untrusted parties to agree on the state of a database and not have to rely on a middleman for a transaction. There is a ledger that nobody administers. The technology will provide financial services such as payments without using any other party such as a bank. Thus blockchain creates decentralization which can make it easier for banks to focus on other activities besides tracking payment transactions. The use of blockchain has changed banking in many different ways. It has affected things such as payments, settlement systems, fundraising, securities management, loans, credit, and trade finance. With the decentralization ledger for payments, blockchain can provide faster payments and lower fees than banks. Blockchain affects clearance and settlement systems where distributed ledgers can reduce the costs of operations and bring more real-time transactions between financial institutions. Fundraising has been changed by providing Initial Coin Offerings. A new model of financing can unbundle access to capital from capital raising services and firms. Securities such as stocks, bonds, and alternative assets are placed on public blockchains. This creates more efficient capital markets. Blockchain has changed the banking industry by removing the need for gatekeepers in the loan and credit industry as well. It has made it more secure to borrow money and provides lower interest rates.
A great explanation of what #tokenization means on the #CrwdWorldecosystem.
Tokenization is the process of digitally representing assets or items of value through a smart contract on a blockchain. This allows high value financial and real economy assets to be fractionalised and exchanged over the internet on a peer-to-peer basis. When applied in the context of financial services, such smart contracts enable Decentralised Finance (DeFi), where financial transactions such as borrowing, lending, and trading activities can be performed autonomously on a blockchain without the need for intermediaries. It could potentially enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and affordability of financial services, increase liquidity in financial markets, and enhance economic inclusion.
All this can be done in the CRWDWORLD ECOSYSTEM!

I got asked today about the excitement of “Sidechains..” So, I read the article. It was an interesting exercise in the overloading of language. Traditionally, the word "sidechain" has been used to refer to a less secure blockchain that occassionally syncs to a major chain like bitcoin or ethereumz. It seems that still appears to be the spirit of that original definition in the current iterations. More and more I am reading an emerging perspective on what sidechains are. It is a promotion of the the idea that DApp developers would maintain their own infrastructure for their own complete blockchain that then, potentially could sync to the major blockchain in some manner. This approach is similar, but not the same as old language. I find this problematic. Web 3.0 the was designed from the ground up for exactly that purpose and syncing to a major chain is not neccessary or beneficial. Sidechains are derivatives of major chains and still beholden to them for the security guarantees (and therefore still inherit their issues when it comes to those security guarantees). We are doing it differently and not proposing the need for a side chain. Our Vogon blockchain is designed to be secure in it's own right, while being a scalable microservice platform and therefore stands on it's own. Think of it in these simple terms: A sidechain is like an aircraft carrier (bitcoin) with airplanes (sidechains like the lightning network). These Airplanes are used for specific purposes. That isn't in any way a general solution, but more complex and less secure overall. Vogon Blockchain is much cooler. Our Vogon #blockchain is like fusion powered space fighters that don't need the aircraft
carrier because they have all the range they need without the big carrier floating around. In my best Forrest Gump voice: "And that’s all I have to say about that."
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