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My recent TAP engagement history

Recently, I have had the opportunity to engage in Dr. Rashid Buttar's TAP (Transform Abundance Potential) into Reality Initiative. It was launched last month. In short, it entails an IT blockchain-based exchange between nine different, yet, interrelated

platforms focused on mutual sustained health=wealth, overall well-being, and longevity collaborations between TAP members and other resonant economic associates and businesses. These collaborative exchanges between individual entrepreneurs and

businesses are all rooted in the principle of capitalizing on private data and unique identity values in an encrypted blockchain template.

This concept of the individual smaller business owner investing in and capitalizing on their own unique ∑-value in terms of tradable

algorithms is going to dramatically neutralize the theft and data mining practices by behemoth monopolies such as Amazon, EBay,

Facebook and the like. They all undermine, if not destroy the smaller businesses' competitive potential and economic viability, whether they

be local storefronts and/or whether trying to create and maintain a lucrative commercial IT presence that can only survive if profitable.

My personal web landing page in the blockchain of the Advanced Medicine (AM) aligned cyber secure CrowdPoint Technologies IT platform is going to attract algorithm-determined, product & services targeted traffic, which alleviates the need of solitary, inefficient, expensive site creation and maintenance, as well as click bait advertising. On my own unique CP web page with guaranteed worldwide traffic, I am seeking to distribute and resell unique, high-end health sustaining/improving products and services of superior quality. Hence, my first objective is to offer one specific or more of your products.

Along with this proposition, I also would like to provide you with some more detailed background on the AM initiative's objectives as they might well match with your own health enhancing vision and inventions. Thus, they may also appeal to you in terms of a more personal and direct engagement in the CrowdPoint Technologies ~ Advanced Medicine exchange platform.

· In that, I'd love to share with you the entire explanatory webinar stream of the AM blockchain exchange with CrowdPoint (CP) Technologies, which is only one of 9 different opportunities I alluded to above. They are all focused on the concept of inverting the old economic paradigm of scarcity for the many and economic abundance for the elite few at the top of the pyramidal construct.

· CrowdPoint (CP) Technologies is set to launch to the public worldwide in May. Hence, this particular opportunity to enroll in as a

distributor and/or reseller as a company in the AM ~ CP exchange at a yearly 80% discount subscription rate is time sensitive. I myself

am engaging in both functions.

Initially, I was very leery and skeptical about the whole idea of an impending blockchain-based economy! However, I realize now that I had a very limited mainstream idea about what it really is or could be. Unavoidably, all of us are being driven to entering a global blockchain economy in very short order according to all the latest global economic indicators. In view of that, I strongly feel that it was worth broadening my prior limited insight.

Although having completed the intense 3-week crash course delivered by Dr. Buttar and CP CEO, Sean O'Brian Brehm and his team only this last weekend (4/17), I have become even clearer about potentials and shared possibilities. So, I like to share my enhanced insight with my own clients, friends, and vendors I value as creative, entrepreneurial oriented people of integrity like you, the reader of my first blog page. Therefore, if you are interested, I like to invite you to:

· Take a closer look into Dr. Rashid Buttar's shared abundance initiative: the recorded webinar series I participated in CROWDPOINT

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I also would like your feedback on my reseller question vis-a-vis your product.

With kind regards and appreciation for your contribution to the CrowdPoint playing field,

Achmed Valk, Certified Human Design Analyst and Health & Fitness Consultant

cell (808) 990-4622 or (928) 254-3995

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