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How to Create a Global Massmind Psychosis

Theatre of the Absurd

with a cast of talentless, hapless, and clueless characters...

Are you still merrily distracted by the daily show they put on? Btw, theatre and art serve to wake up the masses, mindless entertainment serves to keep them asleep, oblivious, or ironically ready to trot off to war on this, that, and the other cause or nation.

Results of the 'jab' madness:

Download • 673KB

Pope Francis leaves a cryptic creepy message - perhaps admitting his crimes against humanity?

"So really your family should not follow me or look up to me anymore"

"Otherwise, you and your family will be misled and be thrown into the lake of the fire"

"Even the kids in the family kiss me, and the parents should know better"

"They really need to be told the truth about me... it is so wrong..."

"I am ashamed to tell you this, but I have a secret agenda to deceive you"

"Yes, it looks good to unite people in a one world religion. That way I control

them better."

"And have you all... worship me"

"And in doing this you will really receive the Mark of the Beast

"You don’t want that really; the only way you can avoid it is to know, firstly,

who God really is"

Theatre or theater[a] is a collaborative form of performing art that uses live performers, usually actors, singers, dancers, i.e. movers and shakers

Theatre is meant to astonish, confront, shock, cajole, ridicule and tantalize.

An audience not only watches plays that represent what we aspire to, but also, what we fear in ourselves.

Theatre, whether we intended it or not, will always have something to say because the maker has chosen to use the medium to showcase their work. Theatre by definition is for an audience, the purpose is to co-exist in a space shared between maker and audience.


"Being an artist involves wearing all sorts of masks, just like any other job, but the difference is we have the lingering responsibility to unearth the truth of things. Sometimes we will seem vulnerable, sometimes we will make mistakes. But the main thing is not to give up."

"Artists work to illuminate the margins and make societal changes"

"They are ambassadors of the natural world"

"Artists are a vehicle for expressing universal emotion"

"Artists connect with and inspire people globally"


Gate 47--Oppression-Line 5: the Saint = 52 Keeping Still

Choreography - Achmed Valk/Dancer - Sara Ezzell

(final rehearsal in Cottonwood, AZ, before returning to Hamburg, Germany)

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